We pursue an international focus in our work.


We offer legal counsel to Austrian clients in connection with their activities abroad, in particular in the field of cross-border investments and transactions, and with regard to securing and enforcing claims and rights. Our networks enable us to answer requests concerning several jurisdictions at the same time in a swift, efficient and reliable manner.

We provide comprehensive legal services for international clients and multinational corporations in connection with matters of Austrian law, in particular compliance issues, and assist them with all their activities in Austria and ensure that their claims in Austria are secured and enforced. We regularly cooperate with a number of non-Austrian law firms seeking legal opinions on matters of Austrian law.

We rely on a global network of selected partner law firms, which exclusively consists of firms which we are personally acquainted with or which have been recommended to us by reliable sources. Some of Legis’ attorneys are members of the International Bar Association and of Ecomlex, a Europe-wide pool of leading IT and e-business experts. All members of our legal staff have a sound working knowledge of German and English.